Mocha Crooked Brew Phnom Penh
coffee brewed by our expert baristas

Our baristas have a great passion for coffee and every cup we serve is brewed with love. For our Espresso-based drinks we use the Rumble Fish House Blend.

Rumble Fish Coffee Beans
Coffee beans

We also sell coffee beans that can be ground in your preferred way. We always have several blends from Rumble Fish Coffee and occasionally also other artisan roasters. If you are looking for brewing equipment we sell The Aeropress and French Press.

Espresso Martini Phnom Penh
coffee cocktails

At Crooked Brew we also serve alcohol. The majority of our alcoholic drinks are made with coffee, so why not try a delicious Espresso Martini or perhaps an Espresso Negroni? Also available as decaf.

Crooked Brew Art
Two People Sitting at a Table

Crooked Brew is an independent Coffee Shop specializing in bringing you the best single-origin coffees from all over the world.

We want to show how coffee is more than just a #Starsoydecaflattewithcreambucks, and that there is art in the process at every stage in the coffee making and brewing experience.

We use brewing methods favoured by the professionals and coffee artisans. Will we serve you a Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Macha Latte? No, but we´ll definitely make you a delicious Cappuccino..

More than just coffee

Crooked Brew is more than just Coffee.

Apart from serving some of the most delicious coffee in Phnom Penh, we also make toasties and coffee cocktails. If you are looking for a craft beer, we have that too.

We have an inherent passion for Art, Chess, and good vibes. On our walls you can find art from some of the most talented artists in Cambodia and more often than not you can find some passionate chess players up for a game.

Crooked Brew Chess in Phnom Penh