Coffee with an Artist: Virekbot Reth Norodom

If you know Kimmo Hakala, proud owner of both Embargo Craft Beer Bar and Crooked Brew, you already saw his commitment in supporting Emerging local Artists. This is why it was evident for B-Side collaborating with DROPS. to create such an art event at Crooked Brew.

A bar is a perfect place to showcase musicians and converse around a craft beer, but when it comes to art, you will prefer an intimate place, a place where you feel like home. What’s better than a hidden and cozy coffee shop like Crooked Brew?

B-Side (formerly Bong the Gallery) has been curating emerging Asian and local artists since its creation in 2018. Our real passion is helping the artists grow artistically and enables you to discover, appreciate and invest in the works of promising Asian artists from early on in their careers before they take their bow on the larger stage. 

For this first edition, we are really glad to exhibit the self-taught young Cambodian digital Artist Virekbot Reth Nordom because we believe that everyone can - and should - collect art. We also believe that artists should have more opportunities to make a living with their work.

All the fine art prints will be signed, dated, and numbered once purchased, and believe us, it is open to all kinds of budgets because Art should not be only for the rich, but for anyone. Because if there is one thing money can’t buy it is definitely taste.

Art Beats”, the first solo exhibition of Virekbot Reth Norodom is presently and simultaneously held at DROPS. until late September.

Come discover his really inspired world and see his works this Sunday the 19th of September from 2 pm at Crooked Brew.

Virekbot will be here to guide you through his complete exhibition, answer all your questions and sign several artworks that may catch your eyes or heart.

As a coffee shop, we believe that Art plays an important role in shaping the evolving landscape of culture, enterprise, and local community.

Join us this Sunday and we're going to have sweet free surprises for the first 15 of you.


Alex and Kimmo

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