Crooked Menu – January 2022

Our menu changes from time to time but we try our best to keep it updated. In the beginning of January 2022 we made quite a few changes that we were very excited about. One of the most important changed was the release of our own cold brew. That's a product line we will hopefully expand on in the future to include a few more varieties. Another addition to our menu was the Kimchi & Cheddar toastie. During 2021 we experimented a bit with Dalgona Coffee but it was not until 2022 we actually put this tasty Korean coffee on the menu. We also took on a new Kombucha brand and since the end of 2021 you can find Kombucha from Khmer Probiotics at our coffee shop.

Don't forget that we also sell coffee beans at Crooked Brew. We have one of the largest selection of artisan coffee in Phnom Penh. We have some funky blends but also single-origin coffees from all over the world.

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